David Corio


  1. The Black Chord

    The Black Chord Visions of the Groove: Connections between Afro-Beats, Rhythm and Blues, Hip Hop and More

    Photography David Corio, Text Vivien Goldman, Introduction Isaac Hayes
    Published by Universe Books
  2. Megaliths

    Megaliths The Ancient Stone Monuments of England and Wales

    Photography by David Corio, Text by Lai Ngan Corio
    Published by Jonathan Cape
  3. The Couture Accessory

    The Couture Accessory

    Photography David Corio, Styling Lai Ngan Corio, Text Caroline Rennolds Milbank
    Published by Harry N. Abrams
  4. Curiosa

    Curiosa Celebrity Relics, Historical Fossils, and Other Metamorphic Rubbish

    Art by Barton Lidice Benes, Photography by David Corio
    Published by Harry N. Abrams