David Corio

Spoonie G

Clerkenwell Road, London, UK
(January 21, 1988)

Spoonie Gee was in London promoting his debut album ‘Godfather of Hip Hop’. The Harlem-born rapper had been one of the first on the scene releasing records since the 1970s. Along with several pioneering artists who haven’t received the acclaim they deserve, Spoonie was probably too ahead of his time. His lyrics about prison life were around long before gangsta rap came to the fore and some of his old school raps such as ‘Spoonin’ Rap’, ‘I’m All Shook Up’ have rarely been bettered.

Spoonie seemed to be a very quiet and humble man and wasn’t into the stock in trade hip hop poses or fashions. This might have hampered his career where image is so important, but listen to his music and you’ll soon realise how important he is to the history of hip hop.

Spoonie G