David Corio

BB King and his guitar Lucille

BB King and his guitar Lucille
Hammersmith Odeon, London
(May 5, 1982)

My earliest music influence, other than Top Of The Pops, was the blues which I attempted to play on my guitar accompanying my records. Enough said about that!
B.B. King was naturally one of my favourites, and this show had John Lee Hooker and Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland all on the same bill. I was in heaven. I remember actually crying with happiness at being in B.B.’s presence. His love for his audience, music and guitar Lucille was irresistable. I thought I'd capture his beloved Lucille a bit more in this photo.

A few years ago at the age of 80 he announced that he was retiring from touring but I hope not. I can’t imagine him ever stopping as he enjoys performing live so much.

BB King and his guitar Lucille