David Corio

Annie Lennox

Annie Lennox in The Tourists before she formed The Eurythmics
Hope & Anchor, Upper Street, London, UK

This is Annie Lennox with The Tourists just before she found fame with Eurythmics. The venue - the basement of the Hope & Anchor on Upper Street Islington, London one of the main places for new bands to strut their stuff during the pub-rock days through to the punk and 2 tone era - was tiny and crowded. It was probably a complete fire hazard but no one thought about that then. Just 50 people would pack the room but usually many more squeezed in. The stage was only about a foot off the floor and invariably the walls and the ceiling dripped with sweat. That night Annie Lennox sang and also played saxophone along with her partner Dave Stewart on guitar and vocals.
I always went to those Hope and Anchor shows early. Being late meant that I’d never get near the stage and half the show would be over before the condensation cleared from my lenses.

Annie Lennox