David Corio

Billy Bragg

Acton, London, UK
(January 8, 1984)

Billy Bragg’s musical career was just beginning to take off when I met up with him in west London. If possible I try and find a few suitable locations before I do a shoot which can put a subject at ease and also help to create good compositions. A demolition site seemed ideal for Billy Bragg at the time as he was heavily involved in political causes on the left wing trying to break down the stranglehold that Margaret Thatcher held over the country. His second album ‘Brewing Up With Billy Bragg’ came out later in the year and continued on his anti-war themes and his discontent with the British tabloid press. He has remained politically active backing the 1984 miners’ strike and helping to form Red Wedge a musicians alliance to encourage young people to vote for the Labour Party. He has also promoted tactical voting particularly in Dorset where he now lives but surprisingly announced he was voting for the Liberal Democrats in 2010 and must have been unpleasantly surprised when they formed a political alliance with the Conservative Party to gain power.

Billy Bragg