David Corio

Depeche Mode

(September 2, 1982)

This is Depeche Mode after original member Vince Clarke had left the band and Alan Wilder (on the right) replaced him on keyboards. The band had only been together a couple of years but had already experienced significant chart success in England and the rest of Europe. They were one of the electronic bands forging an identity as part of the ‘new wave’ that came after punk.
It was a very sunny afternoon so I asked them to stand under some trees. I like the soft dappled light falling on them. That day they were particularly excited as they had just got a small video camera and were filming each other throughout the photo shoot. They have always been very interested in images and have made several documentaries of their world tours. Depeche Mode became one of the few bands capable of filling stadiums and are estimated to have sold over 91 million records worldwide to date.

Depeche Mode