David Corio

Killing Joke

Left to right Big Paul Ferguson, Geordie Walker, Martin 'Youth' Glover, Jaz Coleman
Outside Conny Plank's studio outside Cologne, Germany
(January 23, 1982)

Killing Joke were in the recording studios of Conny Plank on the outskirts of Cologne where he was producing their third album ‘Revelations’. They had a degree of notoriety due to their dalliances with the occult and using provocative imagery for publicity which had already seen them being banned from playing at a number of venues. When a band is in the midst of recording it helps to be patient and not to interrupt their flow and all four band members Big Paul Ferguson, Geordie Walker, Martin 'Youth' Glover, Jaz Coleman could be temperamental at the best of times. They made it plain they didn’t want me in the studio and after the second day without taking a single photo things were looking pretty grim. With time on my hands I had been able to recce the surrounding area and fortunately on the third morning their mood had lightened after completing a track. I managed to persuade them to go outside to the land adjacent to the studio. On some marshy land stood a large forbidding wooden cross which appealed to their taste for gothic imagery. There was a lingering morning mist which added to the appeal and I was able to get them to pose for about ten minutes before they returned to the studio.

Killing Joke