David Corio

Jim Kerr of Simple Minds

Backstage at The Venue, Victoria, London, UK

Simple Minds were a comparatively new band in 1980. Although the line-up had been together for a few years their sound had changed quite significantly and become quite dark with more use of synthesisers and noises rather than being regular commercial pop tunes. The Venue was my favourite place to photograph bands live as the lighting in this old theatre in Victoria was always good and it seemed to bring out the best in most musicians that performed there. Backstage there was an old wrought iron fire escape with one dim light shining down from the edge of the roof.
I took Simple Minds’ lead singer out there as it was very atmospheric and had a good film-noir feel to it. The only way to get any light on his face was to get him to look up
between the metal slats and this was the only shot to really be sharp enough to print.

Simple Minds went through many different phases in their musical career from new-wave to euro-trance, industrial and art-rock to finding huge commercial success and selling out stadiums around the world. Although the band have had a few line-up changes the core of them still perform to this day and in 2010 Jim Kerr released his first solo album ‘Lostboy! AKA Jim Kerr’.

Jim Kerr of Simple Minds