David Corio

Tom Waits

Victoria Apollo, London, UK
(March 23, 1981)

The show opened with a specially designed set - the exterior of an old bar straight out of a Western, the “street” lit by a single street lamp. Tom walked on stage and leaned nonchalantly against the lamp post, a burning cigarette dangling between his fingers. After a few songs and cigarettes, he wandered over to the piano and began to play. Although the whole set looked beautiful, it was a nightmare to photograph. Darkness was obviously the design theme. There was just one light above Tom at the piano and the brim of his trilby kept his face in shadow. Fortunately Tom Waits makes some great dramatic gestures when he performs - in this photo the light off the back of his hand and the keyboard reflected onto his face and I was able to get this shot.

Tom Waits