David Corio

Wreckless Eric

Wandsworth, London, UK

I met Eric because my sister Suzsi was going out with him. They had met at Saltdean Butlins Hotel where they’d both got summer jobs and now shared a flat at 1 Melody Road – a great address for a singer-songwriter. Eric is eating toast and holding his fireglo Rickenbacker in the photo. He was very proud of the guitar as it was a very rare ¾ size model.
Around this time he’d signed with the newly-formed Stiff Records who released his first single ‘Whole Wide World’ that year – a classic three-chord pop song which was an underground success. His second single was Reconnez Cherie and the sleeve is my first record cover - a photo I took of him and Suzsi in the same Melody Road room. Eric was very kind to me and introduced me to Stiff founders Jake Riviera and Dave Robinson who gave me my first assignments going on tour with Ian Dury, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, and of course Wreckless Eric.

Wreckless Eric