David Corio

Al Green

The Venue, Victoria, London, UK

This was when the Reverend Al Green was starting to perform a mix of his gospel and secular music but of course everyone wanted to hear only his classic songs such as ‘Lets Stay Together’ and ‘I’m So Tired Of Being Alone’. When he finally started on his soul hits, the audience roared in ecstacy and the show jumped right up in energy. He had a huge bucket of red roses on stage that half-way through the show he bestowed on the many outstretched female hands in the audience. Those roses must still be treasured keepsakes. Al Green is such a heartfelt singer he has an effect on women like no other performer I’ve seen. Old ladies in their Sunday-best bonnets swoon over him and many women go into a nostalgic trance at the mere mention of his name.

Al Green