David Corio

Marvin Gaye

Royal Albert Hall, London, UK

Marvin was performing at the Albert Hall and photographers weren’t allowed in for the show. I went to the stagedoor two hours before the concert and tried to convince security that I worked for the Daily Mirror and had special permission despite having no press credentials. I was 19 and so felt I could get away with it. Eventually they got so sick of me they let me in.
The seats were set a fair bit back so it felt like I had the whole show to myself. I knelt at the front of the stage for the whole show. Sometimes Marvin was so close to me I couldn’t get a good shot!
At this time Marvin was beset by tax and drug problems and had filed for bankruptcy. He had fled to Hawaii and had been living in a bread van. There was not an empty seat in the Albert Hall and Marvin sang his heart out. It was pure magic and pure soul.

Marvin Gaye