David Corio

Ian Dury

Brighton Top Rank UK
(June 10, 1980)

I first met Ian Dury in my sister’s flat in Wandsworth in 1977. He was playing drums with Wreckless Eric who was my sister’s boyfriend. I was 17 and Ian was 34. He was very friendly and encouraged me to take music photos. Artistic and knowlegable with a unique sense of humour and a wicked laugh, Ian gave me a lot of confidence to do what I wanted to do. He often spoke in Cockney rhyming slang. Having had polio from an early age he sometimes refered to himself as a raspberry. Raspberry ripple = cripple. I was fascinated and thrilled to know him. He also introduced me to the highly regarded graphic designer Barney Bubbles who was also a big influence.
I went to many of Ian’s shows. He was an extraordinary performer and there was always a sense of mayhem on the stage. He’d always invite me backstage to take photos and this wasn’t posed at all. He was dressed as he was about to go onstage with the Blockheads. Unlike many performers he didn’t show any nerves before performing but would normally hang out with his old friends saxophonist Davey Payne and his handler/minder the former burglar Spider.

Ian Dury