David Corio

Echo & The Bunnymen

Ian McCullogh of Echo & The Bunnymen
Leeds, UK
(September 26, 1981)

This photo was taken at an early post punk music festival. Several cult bands - The Cramps, Theatre Of Hate and Bauhaus - were also on the bill. Naturally it was something of a dark doomy affair. I like this photo of Ian McCullough as it gives a sense of a private world even on stage as he changes guitars. It always surprises me how many people immediately recognise the The Bunnymen’s lead singer from this silhouette. Around this time their second album ‘Heaven Up Here’ was becoming a commercial success. As a result the press and record companies became much more interested in new ‘alternative rock’ bands from Liverpool the Bunnymen’s hometown and from Manchester also.

Echo & The Bunnymen