David Corio

Joe Strummer

Soho recording studio, London
(May 17, 1981)

This is Joe in a recording studio in Soho where he was producing The Little Roosters ‘I Need A Witness’. He was taking a short break from working with The Clash at the time. I was slightly nervous meeting someone who was such an icon of the punk scene but he was extremely laid-back and friendly though he was obviously very occupied. The first time I saw the Clash was one of their first shows on the afternoon of 6 September 1976 at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm. Punk was still in its infancy and hardly anyone knew who the Clash were. They were the first band on the bill supporting the Kursaal Flyers and Crazy Cavan. Joe was really angry with the crowd - everyone was sitting on the floor and no-one responded to their music. In frustration he started spitting at the audience. Two years later he got hepatitis from someone spitting back at him.

Joe Strummer