David Corio

Big Daddy Kane

London, UK
(April 6, 1988)

This was taken down the same alley that I shot Big Daddy Kane’s close collaborator Biz Markie. Compared to the gregarious Biz, Kane was the epitomy of quiet cool. He had just released his first album on Cold Chillin’ Records, the classic ‘Long Live The Kane’ where his talent for fast-rap was to put him in a class above most rappers. His image as a ladies man in sharp suits was a year or two away – as can be seen by the M1 bomber jacket and the low-key jewelry (by his standards).

Big Daddy Kane is considered to be one of the best MC’s of all time and one of the most influential rappers from the golden age of rap. He is highly regarded as a lyricist for much of Biz Markie’s best work and gave the young Jay-Z an early break in the business using him as his hype man for live performances.

Big Daddy Kane